Nerds Gone Rogue is a podcast where Matthew Kiel, Corey Dirrig, and their friends from around the internet come together to talk about video games, beer, music, movies, and topics lead by listener questions. Each episode ends with a wild game of Video Game 20 Questions.

My credit: I cohosted, produced, and edited the episodes of this podcast and channel. (Turns out it’s really hard to produce a live show on Mac products through OBS).

Nerds Gone Rogue – We’re So Glad You’re Here!
The B-Sides – A Supplemental Topical Show

In this short form podcast, Matt, Corey, and their friends from around the internet talk about whatever topics they want to, ranging from sports to movies to music to life.

Nintendo Pow Block Podcast, Arsenal X: The Xbox Podcast, and Nerds Gone Platinum: A PlayStation Podcast also originated from this channel.